Full Money Back Guarantee

At RARESTEP, in order for everyone to buy and sell with confidence, we ask you to ship your sneakers to our distribution centre in Sandton, where our professional authenticators will carefully appraise and inspect the sneakers.

After all of the processes have been completed and the sneaker is judged to meet the appraised and authenticated conditions, the sneaker will be logged onto our inventory system as proof that it has been appraised.

If you suspect that the product you have received is counterfeit or violates the product guidelines, please submit the “Request for Full Compensation” below.

RARE STEP will investigate again, and if it is determined that the product is “eligible for full compensation”, the product price will be refunded in full.

  • The item must be within the 7 days of the delivery window.
  • All accessories must be present. (Laces, key rings, etc.)
  • The item must not be worn.
  • The tamper-proof tag must still be intact.

In order to prevent substitution, our team will take photos of the item at the time of appraisal.

If we receive a product that is different from the one, we have appraised, you will not be compensated.

Please send an email to customer support (info@rarestep.co.za) stating that you suspect that the product you purchased is counterfeit or used.

Please send the product back to the address provided in the e-mail. (Cash on delivery is acceptable).

A professional appraiser from the operation office will appraise and inspect the product again.

If, as a result of reappraisal and inspection, it is determined that the product does not meet our standards.

Full compensation will be covered.

If, as a result of reappraisal and inspection, we determine that the product meets our appraised conditions.

1. The operations office will request a third-party appraiser to evaluate the product.

a) If the third-party appraiser determines that the product is counterfeit, full compensation will be applied.

b) If the third-party appraiser determines that the item is genuine, the item will be returned to the buyer.


How we Authenticate & Appraise Sneakers

In order for everyone to buy and sell with confidence, RARE STEP will ship acquired sneakers to our appraisal centre and have it inspected by our team of experienced authenticators.

An example of some of the authentication & appraisal steps we follow is listed below.

  • First, check the condition and size of the box, and the contents and font of the label.
  • We check for any major damage, stains, prints, or materials that are different from the original.
  • In addition to the authenticator, our graphic designer, who sees a variety of fonts every day, also checks the font of the label in detail.

  • Check the material and print of the wrapping paper, as well as the laces and other accessories.
  • Since special wrapping paper such as nylon material is often used to create unique prints, the wrapping paper is carefully stretched out and checked with a magnifying glass to make sure that there are no differences from the genuine product.
  • We also check the laces and key holders to make sure that they are the same as the original ones.

  • Appraise that the product is new.
  • Check for any signs of wear, focusing on scuffs, wrinkles, and stains on the outsole.
  • If there is dust or other debris on the shoes, which may have been caused by trying them on in the store, we carefully wipe it off.
  • We also check the insoles, uppers, and laces for any damage or stains.

  • Embroidery on the soles of the shoes – Crimped and sewn inner tags on the soles and liners.
  • Material and colour of the upper
  • The position and precision of the stitching
  • Height of the sole
  • Accuracy and position of printing and embroidery, and blotting
  • Smell of the liner (inside)
  • Print and tag on the box
  • We will carefully check the key points of each sneaker in detail.

  • A black light, which is also used in mineralogy and art appraisal, is used to check the points of luminescence by exposing the sneaker to ultraviolet light.
  • By using a black light, we can dramatically improve the accuracy of the appraisal of points that cannot be checked visually.

  • Considering the possibility of oversight in a single appraisal, another appraiser will perform the same appraisal process again.
  • Human error is prevented by having two or more appraisers perform the specially created check items.
  • We will also do our best to clean up any minor stains found during the appraisal process.


About full compensation

At RARE STEP, we are committed to eliminating counterfeit products through careful and meticulous appraisals.

However, in the unlikely event that you receive a product that you believe to be counterfeit, RARE STEP and a third-party authenticator will investigate it again and guarantee full compensation.

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