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Our Founding Story
Being born and raised in the township of Umlazi in my formative years, I was inspired by the story of Theo Baloyi, founder of Bathu and Lekau Sehoana, the founder of Drip. They shared a similar story as me and had gone to make their mark on the local sneaker industry in South Africa.
I on the other hand, fell in love with the global sneaker culture from a young age, as a young entrepreneur, I did not see a gap for another local sneaker brand, instead I looked overseas for inspiration. Growing up in the age of social media and the internet gave me a full view of what the world has to offer and my interests and ambitions were largely influenced by American sneaker culture.
When I turned on the T.V, I always saw my favourite musicians, actors & influencers rocking the latest Air Jordan and Yeezy drops, I saw soccer players rocking Air Jordans before matches, basketball players always dripping in the latest J’s and my favourite YouTubers always wearing the latest pair of hyped sneakers and luxury streetwear.
This is what made me fall in love with the culture and along the journey I met my Co-founders who were just as passionate about high fashion and additionally hyped sneakers, they shared the same love for the culture, together we decided to combine our different skills, expertise and experiences to start RareStep.
We decided it was time to take the leap and create a premium South African online store for exclusive, authentic, limited edition sneakers and high-end streetwear. We use our local and global networks to stock and source the rarest items for our Rare Steppers: individuals who are fashion conscious and deeply-rooted within the global sneaker and luxury streetwear culture.
- Wandile Sibisi, Co-founder & CEO
Inspiration & Mission
We provide an exclusive experience that is tailored to each persons individual needs because we understand that not all sneakerheads are built the same: some collect and keep their pairs in Deadstock(DS) condition and admire them from afar, while some wear their pairs and appreciate seeing them on foot and being admired everywhere they go, while others invest in the sneakers as a store of value and enjoy seeing their pairs rise in value over time. We have built a marketplace that caters to all these individuals needs, a single place that they can all call home, come together and appreciate the culture.
Our Pillars/Values
Our company is built on exclusivity, premium quality, authenticity and equipping our customers with the ability to express themselves through their sense of style.
We pride ourselves in only stocking 100% original sneakers and streetwear, all our items undergo a strict TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION process which is why we offer a lifetime authenticity guarantee for all our items, where if you can prove that anything we have sold to you is fake, you will be refunded, no questions asked Shop Now
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